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GYMA SHOP is Brisbane 1st gym meals , healthy meals and low calories products online shop.

GYMA SHOP has more than 20 brands with 400+ selected gym meals and healthy meals.

GYMA SHOP has more than 500+ low calories foods and healthy drinks which are selling on WEB.


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GYMA Group
GYMA is an Australian healthy company based in Brisbane, Queensland. GYMA has GYMA SHOP - a online Healthy meals retailer, GYMA CHANNEL - a channel to test all healthy meals on Australian Market and GYMA COMMUNITY - a gym community. GYMA was created by Martin at 2021, It was founded by Martin, Nancy, Izzy and Yan. GYMA is a popular Australian healthy meals retailer. It is believed that GYMA is one of the Australian most valuable companies. Now GYMA is growing fast and provide more best service to Australian. 

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